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Custer Cleaning & Restoration, LLC removes harsh build-up from residential and commercial glass and windows using a special solution to deliver clear visibility and a streak-free clean. Whether you are taking on your home’s spring cleaning or preparing for your office holiday party, we can deliver high glass and window visibility using our streak-free water solution to remove all traces of dirt and residue build-up.

Over time, exterior windows can build up dirt, bugs, grime and hard water residue as each season passes. While interior glass and windows can collect fingerprints and smudges, from those tiny handprints from your children to streaks left behind from common household spray cleaners. No matter what window or glass surface you need cleaned, we promise you will like how we restore them to their original visibility. We also offer a paint removal service for those glass surfaces your painter was a little over zealous to include in their project. Schedule your annual window and glass cleaning with us to make your windows and glass shine clear once more.

We can clean the following windows and glass for both residential and commercial properties:

  • Exterior/Interior Windows

  • Skylights

  • Storm Windows

  • Mirrors

  • Glass Doors

  • Glass Partitions

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(937) 581-3355

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