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First impressions and outward appearance are significant, especially when it comes to the exterior of your home or business. Improving property curb appeal can significantly increase home and business sale opportunities and make your friends or clients hold a high opinion of your property. Let Custer Cleaning & Restoration, LLC pressure wash your pavers, deck, driveway, concrete, fence, siding and patio to make them look new once more and function properly. Pressure washing will get rid of dirt, mildew and algae that build up over time.


Using our hot water machines with both high and low pressure, we can wash the following:

  • Stone Walkways and Pavers

  • Stone Walls

  • Brick

  • Patios/Decks (Wood and Composite Materials)

  • Wood Railing

  • Fences

  • Wood Trim

  • House/Building Siding and Roofing

  • Pools and Pool Decks

  • Concrete Slabs, Sidewalks and Driveways

  • Gutters

  • Stucco

  • Garage Floors


We also offer paint and stain services following deck cleanings. Let us take care of your exterior cleaning this season.

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